Kasseti filtrid tolmu eemaldamiseks isepuhastuva suruõhu süsteemiga



An automatic cartridge cleaning system maintains suction capacity, washing it with a puff of compressed air that blows the dust into the specific collection drawer or bin. The limited dimensions and minimal noise of the filter mean it can be installed even inside departments near the source of pollution.

Cartridge filter with electric fan

The Pulsatron Compact cartridge filters in the TV, SV, NV versions are fitted with centrifugal electric fans designed to be installed inside the machine with the advantage of eliminating its noise, avoiding any connecting pipes.

SV mod. height = 1800 mm
NV = 930 mm
TV – version with hopper and 55 lt bin for dust connection
SV – version without hopper
NV – version with visible cartridge

Cartridge filter without electric fan

Pulsatron Compact cartridge filters in the TS, SS, NS versions are supplied without electric fan to allow them to be installed with customised capacity and head.

mod. SS height = 1300 mm
NS = 430 mm
TS – version with hopper and 55 lt bin for dust collection
SS – version without hopper
NS – version with visible cartridge

  XL series cartridge filter

Pulsatron Compact XL series cartridge filters were designed for applications with high air flow rates, complete with differential pressure gauge and Ø 325 mm and 1200 h cartridges.

TS-XL mod. height = 2525 mm
SS-XL = 1920 mm

XL HS – version with hopper and 115 lt drum on pallet for easy removal
XL-TS – version with hopper and 55 lt bin for dust collection
XL-SS – version without hopper

Emissions ≤ 5 mg/Nm³s
Low Noise 68÷75 dBA

Limited maintenance, thanks to an efficient compressed air counter-washing system

Modularity from 1 to 48 cartridges; from 500 m³/h to 48,000 m³/h

Delivery 10-20 business days, as all semi-finished products are in stock

Tailored solutions and customisations

  • Special colouring
  • Special motorisations
  • Automated discharge
  • Modifications on request
  • Atex II3D version