Lantek Expert Quattro

Software system specially designed for shear machines and optimized for nesting rectangular parts.

Technical characteristics

  • This system allows high production levels to be achieved with substantial savings on materials.
  • It´s a highly useful tool for calculating the material that will be needed for the production run, and is thus of incalculable value for the supply departments.
  • Automatic optimization of fabrication orders in multiple sheets. Lantek Expert Quattro minimizes the required number of different sheet formats.
  • Final results are shown on the screen and printed out: printout of nests, parts list, used sheets list.
  • Results can be modified interacting with different configurable parameters according to the customer´s way of work.
  • Sheet stock management, control of actual sheet stocks and automatic update of the stock whenever sheets are used by the system.
  • Interface to import parts from other system (i.e. DXF) and even from MRP programs (optional).


Maximum shearing length control, allows to configure the nesting system not to generate any cuts longer than the configured maximum shear length.
Lantek Expert Quattro allows to reuse remnants from previous nestings. Thus, substantial savings on scrap material costs can be achieved. Label list output, parts can be labelled as they are being cut in order to identify them.
Possibility to define or force parts nesting orientation for a correct layout according to the material laminate direction.


Lantek Expert Quattro works with a public parts data base. Thus, users can easily access and store parts data (part name up to 40 characters, plan number, customer, material, thickness, quantity, delivery time, etc.).
Lantek supplies all the information related to the data bases. Thus, any end user, there is in no need for a deep technical knowledge, can easily develop his own customized listings.

Other program products

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Software system for the calculation of heating, cooling and ventilation ducts.
Lantek Expert Punch
CAD/CAM nesting software specially designed for automating the CNC programming of sheet metal punching machines.
Lantek Expert Cut
CAD/CAM nesting software system specially designed for automating the CNC programming of sheet metal cutting machines with oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, and water jet technologies.

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