The Importance of CNC press brake to ensure metal fabrication efficiency

When you are fabricating sheet metal, you want the results to be as precise as possible; a less-than-satisfactory job can result in a lot of problems later down the line. However, certain press brakes have tools with them that increase their efficiency and precision; they come with extra tools and parts that make them easier to work with.

A CNC press brake has features that make it one of the most efficient models. In this article we will look into things that make a press brake so efficient and useful in a modern fabrication environment.

One of the main reasons this model is high-efficient is that is has a controller so that you can select the settings you need for your project. You need these measurements and selections to be as precise as possible, especially if you are working on something like an art project or a piece for a larger product that has a lot of different working parts. With the control panel, you can:

Control many functions

It gives you the ability to customize the fabrication process as much as you want so you can get your product. The back gauge can be expanded to your liking and the needs of the task, among other features that can be changed. The customization options make this machine very precise and efficient.

Choose the bend

The bend is one of the most important parts of the press and can make or break any attempt to fabricate metal. By controlling the type of bend and the intensity of it, you open up a lot of possibilities with your metal. You also increase the overall efficiency of the bend and have a better product as the end result. The bend can also then be replicated on other sheets of metal so you can repeat the desired effect.

Help with alignment

It can be difficult, even for the most knowledgeable technician, to perfectly line up the metal to the brake press. The technology that comes with CNC helps with alignment so there are now crooked or misplaced bends or indents on the sheet of metal. The perfect alignment will save you a lot of time and frustration down the line.

The control panel makes it a lot easier to customize the fabrication process to fit exactly what you want.

The machine also has simple maintenance

It is very simple to check the oil levels and other aspects of the machine. It is also easy to replace the control panel if anything goes wrong. There are many guides online that detail how you can take care of your machine so that it stays efficient; you can also contact many professionals for extra assistance if you run into any problems down the line.


If you want a press bake that is known for efficiency, then this is the one for you. It’s customization features, such as bend angles and types, make it the perfect machine for many projects that require a high-efficiency machine. The ability to control it makes it the best machine for any metal fabrication you have for it.IMA Information

Members of Italian Machinery Association, manufacturers of bending machine tools Euromac and Vimercati from Italy offer a wide range of bending eqiuipment with CNC - electric, hydraulic, hybrid press brakes, or press brakes where bending is combined with other operations, like sheet punching or possibilities to bend tube or wire. You can see these machines in our catalog. Our catalog’s range of press brakes from our members can satisfy needs of any manufacturing, from a small job shop to an automated multi-tasking plant.

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In some cases, the existing machines boost their productivity when setup with new tooling of some of the most popular styles. 

You also might need some repair, installation, re-launch or training services for your existing machines. IMA‘s maintenance team has enough skills and experience to solve any problem you might have.
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