EUROMAC. Automation: wide range of possibilities.

In an increasingly competitive market, automation is no longer an option. it is a necessity.
Companies that use automation can produce things faster and at lower cost, and those who don’t find themselves losing business.
EUROMAC have always focused on automation.
The automated equipment and systems that EUROMAC offer you today, in fact, draw on decades of ongoing experience and evolution.

Other news

APC 2. An evolved process sensor for Salvagnini fiber laser.
Are you familiar with APC2, for Salvagnini fiber laser? The adaptive process sensor APC2, monitors the piercing in real time, for greater speed and higher quality. It also checks for any cutting losses, and in the event of a fault, stops the process and resumes it with suitably remodulated parameters.
The first Salvagnini P2 automatic panel bender in Kazakhstan
We are happy to announce that in February 2022 the very first Salvagnini P2 automatic panel bender will arrive in Kazakhstan.  
IMA showroom building reconstruction
We are pleased to announce that the showroom building reconstruction for the Italian Machinery Association is soon to be completed. The showroom will showcase samples of our best metalworking equipment. We will keep you updated.

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