The real plasma solution “plug and play”, Plasma RED has been designed to perform at its best capability with the most common plasma supply present in the market.
Designed for cutting ferrous, steel and aluminum materials, for thin to medium thicknesses and for plate sizes up to 2,5 m width and 12 m length, plasma RED is employed in steel fabrication and in the HVAC manufacturing field. 

The CNC control with the operator interface SHMI - (Soitaab Human Machine Interface), specifically developed for the RED model, allows users to fully exploit the high potential of the machine from the very beginning. The accuracy of positioning is provided by means of the beam structure, the dual brushless drives on longitudinal axis with gantry control, linear guide ways and racks and pinions coupling together to the cutting table completely separated from the machine structure frame.
Particular attention has been dedicated to the protection of all the guideways and the completion with the safety regulations making the Plasma Red the safest solution ever.

Transverse Beam entirely made of welded alluminum structure
Vertical Z axis motorized and controlled in position by the CNC
Torch breakaway anticollision device
Initial positioning via Ohmic sensor or mechanical ( plate rider) depending on the thickness and the application
Stand alone Cutting table divided in sections and fume extraction in 2 internal channels
Automatic fume extraction by means of dumpers activated by the machine position itself
Working table cleaning system with extractable drawers from the lateral side
H.M.I - Soitaab Human Machine Interface ( touch screen ) for n intuitive, user friendly and self learning CNC control operations

Working area from 1,5 x 3 m to 2,5 x 12 m
Z-axis stroke ( vertical ) 100 mm
Motors ( x, y , z ) Brushless
Driver ( x, y, z) Digital
Positioning speed 40 m/min
Repeatability + - 0,05 mm/m
CNC Soitaab CNC
Monitor 15” Screen Touch Panel
Data communication USB - Ethernet - LAN
Main cutting technology HPR XD or traditional

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