This is the NEW machine from EMC. A compact and versatile machine initially designed for edge radiusing, but thanks to its high abrasive capacity, it can easily reach radii larger than 2mm (R2).
Its useful working width of 650 mm and the fixed height table of 900 mm make it compact and ideal for any type of company in the sector.

Main parameters:

  • Number of working units – 1 pc.
  • Working width – 650 mm.
  • Working thickness 0,5 - 80 mm.
  • Work table height – 900 mm.
  • Total work table load  – 150 kg.
  • Vacuum table with inverter.
  • Carousel inverter.
  • Feed belt inverter.
  • Z axis automatically controlled up and down adjustment.

Types of processing:

  • Dry processing.
  • Grinding.
  • Calamine removal.
  • Edge rounding up to 2 mm and more.

Working unit carousel with brushes
Rotation diameter 650 mm.
Brush length 200 mm.
Brush diameter Ø250 mm.
Brushes in carousel 4 pc.
Motor power 5,5kW shared with brushes.
Carousel speed controlled by inverter from 30 to 100 rpm.
Brush speed controlled by inverter from 500 to 1650 rpm.

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