Thanks to its multiple configurations, it is ideal for Satin finishing, deburring, edge grinding and removing scale on all types of material.
This high degree of dynamism makes it FLEXIBLE and RELIABLE over time.
Its useful working width of 1350 mm and its fixed height worktable of 900 mm allow it to work in LINE with other machines or STAND ALONE.

Main parameters:

  • Number of working units 1 - 4 pc.
  • Working width – 1350 mm.
  • Working thickness – 0,5-150 mm.
  • Work table height – 900 mm.
  • Total work table load  – 350 kg.
  • Elecrtronic controls via Touch Screen Display 10”.
  • Internal independent motors.
  • Internal vacuum device.
  • Feed belt inverter.
  • Electronic motorized roller pressure adjustment “Grit-Set”.
  • Tele service.
  • Brushes for panel/feed belt cleaning and double external brush unit.
  • Table rollers and extensions.
  • Possibility to work in line with other machines.

Types of processing:

  • Dry processing.
  • Grinding.
  • Deslagging.
  • Deburring.
  • Edge rounding.
  • Calamine removal.
  • Surface finishing.

WORKING WIDTH [mm]: 1350

Units m^3 / h(25) Ø Suction
2 5660 m³/h 200mm
3 8490 m³/h 200mm
(1st-4th group)

(1st-4th group)

(1st-4th group)

(1st-4th group) (1st-4th group)
  Roller Group (R) Interior brush assembly (B) Disc Group Internal (h) Disc Group Internal (H) Planetarium Group Internal (Q)
Dimensions (mm) 2620×1370 (Ø250) Ø250 6 x Ø200 20 x Ø120 15 x Ø120
Max. power 30Kw 3Kw 5.5Kw 7.5Kw 11Kw
Cutting speed 18m/s 16m/s 1250 rpm 1250 rpm 1250 rpm

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