At the end of last year, two MODULA LIFT automated vertical storage systems were installed in Riga.
The client was faced with a lack of storage space and was ready to build a new warehouse. The solution was found with two MODULA LIFT sections (8 meters high each).

A small extension to the warehouse was built, and thanks to the full use of the vertical space, the MODULA system made possible to increase the storage capacity by 2 times, thereby saving on the construction of a new warehouse.

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MODULA LIFT Vertical Storage System in Belarus
A new MODULA Automated Storage Lift unit has been successfully installed and launched in Minsk, Belarus.
SALVAGNINI L3 laser cutting machine in Daugavpils, Latvia
Despite the limitations, we continue to supply the most modern equipment. In November 2020, in Daugavpils (Latvia) we installed and launched a SALVAGNINI L3 laser cutting machine.

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