Lantek Expert Duct

Software system for the calculation of heating, cooling and ventilation ducts.

Technical Characteristics

  • Extended library of parametric parts and HVAC figures.
  • 2D design. Lantek Expert Duct integrates a 2D CAD module to design any part, as well as any geometric modification of the contours. The flat pattern can then be cut or punched in Lantek Expert which considers flanges, notches, and bend lines for marking.
  • Warehouses management. All parts are stored in organized databases that are easily accessible.
  • Intelligent import/export. This software connects to the principal CAD systems on the market: DXF, SWG, IGES, and more.
  • Integration of all options. Lantek Expert Duct is fully integrated in a single program with the other modules of the Lantek Expert family. 


Lantek Expert Duct is a system which takes into account duct requirements.
The user can define the following options:
  • Type of neutral axis (internal, external) with which to make calculations
  • Type of joints used for the parts
  • Number of sections
  • Type of engraving (lines, notches, drilling, etc.) for cutting machines
  • Seams and connections
  • Insulators

High definition HVAC and duct figures

Lantek Expert Duct adapts perfectly to the air conditioning and ventilation industry.
The user can define the following options in this regard.
  • Baffle plates. These can be made by configuring the necessary parameters in order to generate the sheets or plates.
  • Library of seams, connections, flanges, etc. The user can easily define these elements graphically.


Lantek Expert Duct generates listings such as:
  • Listing scale 1:1 – in order to cut the part directly from the sheet
  • Geometrical listing – for the development of essential points
  • Design of important shapes, page by page
  • Listing of all parts
  • Listing of tags
  • Listing of macros, insulators, etc.

DIN regulation

The figures are using DIN standard 18.379 and SMACNA. Lantek guarantees the fulfillment of the European building and construction regulations. Lantek also generates documentation and information in line with these regulations.

Other program products

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Lantek Expert Punch
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Lantek Expert Quattro
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